Become a Mobile Physio

Build your own Mobile Physio business with access to patients, experienced business support, and a website with online booking for free

To be part of this family today, there are no commitments (including no financial commitments) other than your ambition, drive and passion for being part of a new way to deliver physiotherapy services.

The delivery of healthcare is changing and over the coming years so will Physiotherapy. The high set up and running fees, not to mention the ongoing high cost of CPD (continuing professional development) means these factors are significant barriers to getting started or maintaining a private practice, and that’s before you have any established referral pathways. The valuable physiotherapy skills and abilities that you have spent years learning can be difficult to sell if you are either a current private practitioner or setting yourself up as a new private practitioner.

The Mobile Physio is now at a time where it wants to support and grow aspiring physiotherapists who are looking to step into private practice, or who are in private practice already. Being part of the family will give you:

• You online
• Free regular CPD for being part of the network*
• Online infrastructure, including online booking of appointments
• Top Google rated website
• Insurance registered organisation i.e. BUPR
• Clinical notes system available on all devices and from anywhere
• Credit/debit card payment system
• Online invoice system
• Expert business advice from the owners which also includes links to business institutions for marketing and business intelligence purposes to support the business growth
• Expert clinical advice when you require it
• Expert advice in the world of private practice

We would like to help you go from a physiotherapist, to a physiotherapist with a business, or we would like to help you with your current businesses infrastructure and business growth. We would also like to be able to help you to do this within 7 days of acceptance in to the family.

*CPD will grow with the business and as more physiotherapists become part of the family. Initially there will be quarterly CPD conferences and also monthly peer CPD sessions that will all be free and certificated.

At present The Mobile Physio is concentrating on building its family and network of physiotherapists which means there is currently no financial obligation to be part of the network. We want to grow a family where physiotherapists can drive down some of the costs associated with private practice but also work together to change how physiotherapy can be delivered where you live.

To be part of the family we require that:

• You are enthusiastic
• Want to grow yourself as a business
• Want to deliver quality patient services
• Want to work in a business where physiotherapists can support and grow each other
• Want to be part of a movement that is new and could change physiotherapy provision
• Have 2 years’ experience in a specialist area
• HCPC and CSP registered
• Share the vision

If you are interested then please contact us at: or call us on 07525022344

Also, there will be an information evening held on Monday 4th December 2017 at 7pm: venue TBC in London. If you are interested in attending this then please also email us at or call us on 07525022344